calculo is making the next big leap and is now also available with Web Client in its latest release. Thanks to the new browser-based access, business users can now use calculo on their device without installation effort. This saves time and resources. Thanks to the new browser-based access, business users can now use calculo on their device without installation effort - saving time and resources. In addition, thanks to the SQL Query function, users can use the new release to quickly and easily generate individual and complex reports themselves.

The new Web Client was tested and certified by cnlab Security AG, the computer network lab and expert for network, mobile and application security.
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integrio, too, offers new features and many usability improvements. In addition to a new task overview, users can look forward to updates in the area of email notification for upcoming tasks as well as the task reservation in the task pool by the user.

calculo & integrio: the fastest way to reliable results

calculo is Sowatec's powerful and comprehensive fee management system. It manages, calculates and controls all kinds of incoming and outgoing fees as well as settlements. Calculo offers all necessary features in terms of security, transparency and traceability towards end customers as well as internal and external auditing.


Everything under control at all times:
When changing attributes, the system documents which user changes which values and when. The system records all audit-relevant actions and manipulations without interruption by storing timestamps of the individual process steps. A 4-eye approval procedure applies to master data-related changes and operations in the calculation and approval process.


Never lose track:
Thanks to the pivot table function and graphical representations. The Pivot Table feature allows you to drill down to detailed calculations and values for individual quarterly numbers.


Accessible (intermediate) results:
Settlements and evaluations of all fees are traceable to end customer level. For example, what conditions and calculation parameters (i.e. transactions) are based on which calculations. Calculation formulas are traceable down to the most granular level.

With calculo & integrio in combination, a paradigm shift is now taking place in the execution of repetitive and complex business processes. Where previously numerous manual checks and approval steps in a work sequence were necessary, integio automates work processes within predefined tolerance limits so that manual intervention becomes an exception.

Though calculo already offers automation in the individual release in many places, integrio serves as an additional, process-oriented component that automates a multitude of previously manual work processes, which enables users to be more efficient, secure and focus on their core business.


Which tasks does integrio take on?

  • integrio takes over the continuous control and monitoring of ongoing calculation and settlement processes in calculo, as well as the immediate upstream and downstream processes (for example, data import, sending reports, archiving, export to accounting)
  • integrio not only automates the import of data but also data quality control - thanks to syntactic and semantic validation. Meaning that incorrect data can be detected immediately upon import and before it can be included in subsequent calculation processes.
  • integrio compares data and notifies users: integrio compares between calculated results in calculo and predefined parameters and decides whether subsequent steps are automated or user interaction is necessary.

integrio operates on the basis of predefined rules and expected results - manual intervention becomes the exception. Complex and repetitive business processes are automated to a maximum.

In the billing process with calculo, for example, integrio validates and imports mandate structures and fee types. Furthermore, integrio recognizes whether it is a new, updated or closed mandate and then makes the necessary configurations before calculo goes into the calculation process.

Within the Fee Checker control solution, integrio automates data check and export, as well as the fee check, where reference data are used to check the correctness, legitimacy, permissibility and consistency of invoiced fees.

When onboarding new business partners, integrio ensures a continuous business process without media discontinuity. All the information required for the onboarding process - recorded digitally or by uploading documents - is seamlessly integrated into the process flow and can be checked, released or, if necessary, escalated in further process steps. For periodic review, resubmissions are additionally defined and scheduled in integrio in order to start the cyclical review process automatically.



With calculo and integrio, complex workflows are not only handled quickly and reliably, but numerous automated backup and release mechanisms reduce the potential for errors immensely.

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