Software as a Service

Benefit from the functionality of a fee and revenue management software tailored to your needs, without having to maintain your own infrastructure. Our software is also available as a hosted software.

Outsource the hosting of the IT infrastructure or the entire fee and revenue management process to us and gain time to focus on your core business.



Scalable range of services

We offer you the greatest possible flexibility in the implementation and development of your outsourcing approach.

  • Outsource the IT infrastructure: With calculo as 'Software as a Service' (SaaS), the IT infrastructure is provided by Proximus Luxembourg SA services, a CSSF-certified service provider. Proximus Luxembourg SA ensures that the software satisfies all the security and confidentiality requirements of Luxembourg’s Financial Supervisory Authority.
  • Outsource the whole or part of the overall process: With calculo as 'Process as a Service' (PaaS), the infrastructure as well as the administration of the fee and revenue management process is outsourced to us.

Benefits at a glance

  • Hosting and application management
    • No investment and operating costs are incurred for setting up an in-house IT infrastructure. This makes a low entry price possible
    • Reduced operational risks. The installation and maintenance of the system are carried out directly by us, the manufacturer
    • Benefit from the expertise of our application specialists who can quickly and cost-effectively monitor, maintain and adapt the software configuration for you
    • Reduced fault recovery- and downtime through active monitoring and intervention by our experts
  • Process management
    • Improved process quality, stability and agility through scalable process automation and process outsourcing
    • Cost savings and cost transparency, compared to in-house solutions, through the reduction of capacity utilisation fluctuations and reduction of fixed costs
  • What you can expect from our hosted calculo software solutions
    • Availability: Proximus Luxembourg SA assures 24/7 availability of the web-based software they host
    • Scalable service spectrum

Service spectrum

  • Hosting
    • Operating the infrastructure, including:
      • Provision and maintenance of the system environ­ment and the calculo operating system, in a banking-industry-standard-certified data center
      • Installation of calculo software updates
      • Basic application support
    • Secure connection to the system through the “calculo Client”

    • Transparency through:

      • Compliance with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees system performance, storage capacity, security management, backup and restore services
      • Regular reporting regarding SLA compliance
      • Regular billing of services
  • Technical application management
    • System configuration and administration:
      • User configuration and administration
      • Adaptation of standard calculo configurations to suit your needs, for instance adapting to new types of fees
      • Quarterly activity planning and coordination of activities, including change requests, upgrades and system optimisations
    • System monitoring:

      • Monthly system integrity checks
      • Monitoring and analysis of system messages and initiation of corrective action where required
      • Data quality monitoring while importing interfaces
  • Process management (PaaS)
    • Establishing processes:
      • Identifying your requirements: we study your requirements in cooperation with you and configure processes in line with your needs
      • Knowledge transfer to your staff
      • Guidance on the introduction and implementation of new calculation methods
    • Data management:
      • Configuring data imports and exports
      • Importing data from customers and service providers, including data quality monitoring
      • Data maintenance, including the maintenance of master, customer, reference, fund, product and movement data
      • Initiation of measures to resolve data quality problems, as required
      • Administration of contract and condition data, including mapping of condition agreements and contracts within the calculo system
      • Checking the plausibility of condition data
    • Automating data flows:
      •  Data transfer via standard interfacesEnsuring the calculation is correctReconciliation of results with historic or external data
      • Results reporting
      • Settlement follow-up and dispatch of calculation outcomes (credit notes, invoices) to customers by post or email Optional integration of the service user in the billing approval process



For what kind of companies is this offer of interest?

Financial services companies, including:

  • Asset managers
  • Custodian banks
  • Private banks
  • Transfer agents
  • Clearing houses and
  • Other financial services providers

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calculo as software as a service is the solution for your needs?

Please contact Mr. Roger Rhyner for further details. You can reach him by phone +41 44 952 55 55 or email: