calculo – smart fees management

Automate all your fee settlements on one platform. calculo manages, calculates, checks and settles all types of partner and product fees for you. It is user-friendly and efficient.


Benefits at a glance

  • Transparency and traceability of all calculations towards their customers and partners
  • Free up your employees’ time
  • Reduce errors and costs, including in compliance and risk management
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements with ease



Fields of application

calculo masters all types of fees and calculation methods

Product fees
  • Administration fees
  • Advisory fees
  • Custodian fees
  • Management fees
  • Risk management fees
  • Transfer agent fees
  • Performance-based fees
Partner comissions
Calculation methods
  • Volume-based
  • Transaction- and count-based
  • Performance-based
  • Holdings- and stock-based
  • Customised fee models

What you can expect from calculo

  • Fee calculation
    • Calculations and processes are customised to your needs.
    • All standard calculation frequencies and practices are available
    • calculo’s modular setup enables you to choose which assets to include or exclude at each level of the calculation 
  • Automation – calculo automates the following processes:
    • Data import and export
    • Preparation and processing of payments and partial payments
    • Preparation and submission of accruals and closing balance sheets to your accounting department and management information systems (MIS)
    • Documentation of calculation relevant data changes to ensure results can be retraced retrospectively
  • Reporting and analysis
    • Built-in report designer enables users to create and adapt reports with ease
    • Graphic analysis function
    • Export reports in all market standard image and data formats, including Excel and PDF
  • Traceability and security
    • All fee evaluations and allocations are traceable to end customer level
    • Documentation and evaluation of all modifications
    • Access control via role-based authorisations at field level
    • Single or multi-level approval processes and escalation mechanisms configurable
    • Approval web client for relationship managers, enables approval via intranet without the calculo client
  • Compatibility
    • Open application architecture ensures compatibility with existing IT-systems
    • Interface with all common fund and accounting systems and data providers, including Olympic, Multifonds, Xentis, SCD, GEOS, Kordoba, Temenos, Avaloq, SAP, V3, Diamos
  • Flexibility
    • Rule-based approach makes it easy and quick to adapt processes to new requirements
    • Modular structure makes it possible to use calculo as a starting point for tailor-made software solutions 
  • System
    • Intuitive and flexible user interface
    • Based on state-of-the-art technology, including Business Rules, Java Application Server, .NET and GUI
    • 1-Click-Installation possible, without manual configurations

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