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Future day

On 11.11.2021 the future day took place at Sowatec.

The Future Day was held in order to give five children an understanding of the Sowatec company and the everyday work of our employees..


After the welcome, our CEO David von Wartburg gave the children an insight into Sowatec, what we offer, how we work and what the aim of this Future Day would be. Beforehand, it was clarified if there were specific questions that the children wanted answered today.


In order to bring the children a little closer to programming, the program Small Basics was used during the day. This program offers a simplified, but realistic programming environment, which is intended to familiarize the children with our work in a playful way. Before the actual programming, the adults performed a small role play to show how the interaction between customer, project manager and developer can take place. Over time, each child was able to work independently on the laptop and only needed the adults for support or when we needed to show them something new. Since the children were quick to get to grips with Small Basic, we had the opportunity to tinker and program with it until the afternoon.

How do we work?

Towards the end, the children were also given an insight into the everyday working life of their parents or an employee. Here they were able to look over the shoulders of the person directly at their workplace. Here we were able to give them a first-hand understanding of our tasks and, for example, provide an insight into a real programming environment as well as show the interaction between the customer and Sowatec employees via the ticket portal.


As a highlight of the day, the implemented Small Basic projects of the children were presented and viewed together. The questions and expectations raised in the morning were partly explained during the day or clarified in the final discussion. We thank the organizers and Sowatec employees for the interesting and informative day and wish the children all the best for their future.