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Allianz Global Investors in Europe introduce 'Scores'

Parallel to the introduction of a European Trailer Fee billing solution, Allianz Global Investors in Europe (AllianzGI) has worked closely with Sowatec to develop and implement 'Scores' - a rule-based Sales Controlling platform. Besides data preparation and enrichment, 'Scores' handles a wide variety of calculations relating to the funds managed, administered or sold by AGI including AUMs (Assets Under Management), NCF (Net Cash Flows) or transactions.

Different criteria such as customer, product or product groups etc. can analysed and used to generate reports for the management, controlling and sales teams. And with configurable export functions, the data from Sales Controlling will be made available to other applications in the areas of Finance, MIS and Sales or Marketing.

'Scores' will be used in different countries across Europe.

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