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Allianz Global Investors Europe (GmbH) automates trailer fee calculation

Allianz Global Investors (AGI) automates trailer fees paid to sales partners and their branch offices. The calculation and payment processes are being harmonised anew throughout Europe. This requires a rule-based sales controlling solution which unifies the different compensation philosophies and calculation rules for each country.

Each country calculated trailer fees and disbursements in a legacy-system landscape and primarily with AGI-proprietary interfaces and various SAP instances. There was no harmonisation on the European level. This was complicated by differing compensation philosophies in the individual countries. AGI was looking for a technical solution that harmonised its processes across Europe.

calculo models the different locations with a single solution and easily accounts for a range of billing conditions.

Guido Bachmann is Head of Trailer Fee Calculation at Allianz Global Investors Europe GmbH. He steered the project as the business lead. Please find the interview with him about the challenges in this project and the work since the introduction of calculo by following this link.