Success Story: Viseca Card Services SA

Service billing platform 'Compensa'

Viseca Card Services SA

With Sowatec’s 'Compensa' smart solution, Viseca Card Services can automate the billing of service charges to its partner banks.

Success Story

Our customer and the project

Viseca is one of Switzerland’s largest issuers of Mastercard® and Visa credit, debit and prepaid cards. Both private and business customers benefit from Viseca’s broad range of services in the fields of card issuing and payment processing.

As part of Aduno Group, Viseca’s business areas include payment, custody account guarantees, consumer finance and data analytics.


  • Challenge

    Viseca Card Services issues Mastercard® and Visa credit cards to its end customers on behalf of its partner banks (including Raiffeisen banks, Zürcher and Berner Kantonalbank, Migros Bank AG). In addition to the actual business of credit card transactions, Viseca also provides its partner banks with complete credit card issuing services. In return, banks take care of marketing the cards, checking creditworthiness, processing withdrawals, updating cardholder data and much more. Viseca collects the full card fees from its card products, and generally pays the banks once a year for their services.

  • Goals

    Viseca has been using an internally-developed software solution to calculate and process service fee payments. In the context of changes to Viseca’s compensation models that were implemented in 2015, the company was looking for a flexible, audit-proof and state-of-the-art software solution that could be integrated into its existing system landscape.

  • Solution

    Sowatec implemented 'Compensa', the agile and flexible service billing platform for our customer Viseca.

    It meets current and future business requirements for mapping, maintaining and billing different commission and compensation models. As a special feature, the business department can modify the fee models directly.

    The platform reliably manages the various fee or compensation models of the individual partner banks and after their calculation, processes the service fees for each partner correctly and in an audit-proof manner.

Overview of services and charges

Customer benefits:

  • Business departments can make simple modification of compensation models
  • Flexibility and scalability: the solution can be quickly adapted to new partners and conditions
  • Automated, audit-compliant billing of service charges
  • Management and application of all compensation models on one platform

Adrian Fässler, Relationship Management Banks at Viseca Card Services SA, talks about the introduction and implementation of the 'Compensa' solution.

How were fee schemes handled before the introduction of the new 'Compensa' solution?

In the past, we used an in-house SAS-based solution. The maintenance of the relevant rates was therefore demanding and the preparation of billing complex. In addition, employee fluctuations were a constant knowledge transfer challenge.


What were the challenges during the project?

The whole settlement topic was rather poorly documented. The specification therefore had to be worked out with Sowatec in workshops. In addition, the time pressure was considerable: the implementation had to take place in a very short time and the new solution had to be productive by the January billing date. The alternative would have been a completely manual billing process.


In the meantime, a new version of 'Compensa' is live on your systems. Tell us about the enhancements?

We have now installed 'Compensa 4', which is fundamentally different from Version 3. The underlying logic has been totally revised. So while some input data could be reused for 'Compensa 4', many new components were added. The reporting layout is also completely new and much more powerful. In addition, many of the new parameters and rates that are required can be maintained directly in calculo. Thanks to the Scenario Manager, we can also simulate and compare the two models for each partner.

Alexander Ginsburg

Relationship Management Banks, Viseca Card Services SA

“The platform manages the various compensation models of our partner banks reliably and quickly. Once the service fees have been calculated, it charges them correctly and in an audit-compliant manner.””

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