Success Story: Tesedi Holding GmbH

Contract management for the administration of complex contracts

Tesedi Holding GmbH

Utilising arregulo as framework, Sowatec delivers custom contract management solutions for a range of requirements including the elimination of manual contract opening and handling processes. Sowatec contract management solutions minimize the risk of errors in recording and administering contract information when preparing data from HP, heightening the reliability of data flowing into legally binding contracts.

Success Story


Founded in 2005 as the first European ‹service-only distributor› for Hewlett Packard, Tesedi specializes in marketing HP Services. Originally the company was mainly a distributor of maintenance and support services in Switzerland. Over the years, Tesedi Holding GmbH expanded its operations into Germany, and has now moved into France as well. Clearly defined specialization has enabled Tesedi to become established as a preferred partner for HP support solutions.


Interview with André Affolter, Group Technology Director Tesedi Holding GmbH, about the introductionof the individual software solution based on arregulo for the automation of administration and controlling regarding contract management.


  • Project requirements

    The following objectives were to be achieved in the project:
    • Electronic data transfer from HP
    • Recording, processing and structuring options for contract management
    • Reporting and data backup of legally binding contract and invoice documents
    • Setup of dedicated contract management for European business areas
    • Providing electronic interfaces for exchanging customer and financial data to a linked financial accounting system

  • Framework (excerpt)

    The business framework arregulo, chosen as platform for solutions developed individually by Sowatec, meets the following project requirements:

    • Automated importing and subsequent processing of contract information provided by HP
    • Great flexibility for editing contract information and designing new client-specific contracts by restructuring in accordance with the customer requirements
    • Reporting on legally binding contract and invoice documents
    • Setup of dedicated contract management for business areas in Germany and France to allow data to be kept separately by individual client
    • Providing interfaces for data exchange with a financial accounting system
    • Ensuring data security for legally binding contracts and invoices
  • Special features

    The project and our solutions for Tesedi have the following special features:

    • The system is expandable, allowing usage for business in additional countries
    • The solution is fully transferable to other industries

Read an excerpt from the interview with André Affolter, Group Techology Director Tesedi Switzerland GmbH.

What were the biggest challenges in the project?

We had a system in place based on the predecessor solution of arregulo, which met our needs very well. We then became interested in a 1:1 replacement forming a basis for realizing further optimizations which would impact our day-to-day business as little as possible. We thus deliberately avoided complex supplementary functions. Our established processes had to keep running without problem after the migration. Further functionalities have been added on since rollout and will continue to be in future phases which enable ongoing optimization to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and suppliers.

What are the primary advantages of arreguloversus the contract management system formerly in place? Have there been quantifiable efficiency gains? 

A logically structured menu system yields up to 20% time savings, enabling users to quickly find what they are looking for out of a plethora of information and functions. Waiting times for results have also been shortened by roughly 30%. Thanks to shorter response times, we now are able to handle substantially more contracts per time unit. Thanks to the newly introduced possibility of filing Word, Excel and other documents along with the contract within the solution, we now no longer need a parallel file structure for these documents. The new report generator also enables us to create simple reports on our own.

How was the cooperation with Sowatec?

The entire project was a genuine partnership with open communications, in the very same manner as our two firms have been working together for ten years now. We collaborated from the workshops on down to acceptance, both sides contributing to a favorable project outcome. The great technical and process knowledge of Sowatec employees made possible the successful completion of the project.

André Affolter André Affolter

André Affolter, Group Technology Director Tesedi Switzerland GmbH

"This modular and highly structured software solution in combination with the great expertise of Sowatec employees helps us continuously improve our day-to-day operations and enhance efficiency."

Business Case als PDF
Business Case als PDF