Success Story: Helaba Invest

Automated calculation of management fees

Helaba Invest

The investment company Helaba Invest has automated its existing fund fee calculation process. The focus was on the areas of commission and calculation processes: a challenging task for IT. Flexible and powerful standard solutions were required. Sowatec presented their modular software calculo, which met the demanding requirements. Moreover, it is software that can be easily expanded or adapted.

Success Story


Helaba Invest Investment Company was founded in 1991 as a 100% subsidiary of Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen. With a managed volume of approximately 70 billion Euros, Helaba Invest is one of the leading investment companies in institutional asset management.


Responsible at Helaba Invest for the implementation of this project were Heike Tallowitz, Head of Group Service Fund (Fund Accounting Department)
and Dr. Christian Ebersberg, Head of IT.


  • Background

    Helaba Invest calculates complex fee structures. Therefore, they have high requirements for a new software solution:

    • Modular system architecture with open interfaces for the fund, financial and limited company accounting.
    • Modelling of relational fee structures.
    • Automated calculation of management fee.
  • Goal

    To implement a modular software solution with flexible interfaces to current market systems and data providers as well as automated computation processes.

  • Solution

    calculo is a solution based on "Business Rules Management (BRM)" technology. Thanks to the flexible system architecture, calculo can adapt to the current market conditions and can be expanded to fit customer needs.

Read an excerpt from the interview with Heike Tallowitz, Head of Group Service Fund (Fund Accounting Department) and Dr. Christian Ebersberg, Head of IT.

The fund accounting of Helaba Invest is organized into seven groups. Have all the processes of the funds service group now been automated?

Tallowitz: Only partially. So far we have only implemented the fee types that were processed in the old system. That includes the calculation and processing of our own and third party management fees. We have also implemented the volume based administrative charges. We intend to tackle other areas in further projects.

You have chosen an external software solution.

Tallowitz: Our old system was perfect for what we needed six years ago, but the situation has changed. As the demands placed on the system have grown, we were beginning to reach the limits of our software architecture. The complexity of today’s fee models requires software solutions that are flexible and customisable at the individual level, in particular when it comes to the representation of interdependent fee structures.

What criteria did your software supplier have to meet?

Dr. Ebersberger: We had an extensive catalogue of requirements: we wanted an automated solution that can be linked to an SAP system and a modern and modular system architecture with open interfaces, a comfortable graphical user interface and a short implementation time.

Heike Tallowitz

Head of the Group Fund Services (Fund Accounting Department)

"Thanks to calculo we are well equipped to handle the ever changing tariff models and pricing methods."

Business Case as PDF
Business Case as PDF