Erfolgsgeschichte: Allianz Global Investors in Europe

Pan-European settlement of trailer fees

Allianz Global Investors in Europe

Allianz Global Investors (AGI) automates trailer fees paid to sales partners and their branch offices. The calculation and payment processes are being harmonised anew throughout Europe. This requires a rule-based sales controlling solution which unifies the different compensation philosophies and calculation rules for each country.

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Allianz Global Investors manages assets in all major asset classes and regions. The experts of the asset management unit at Allianz SE are globally present with 22 locations in 18 countries and a strong presence in Europe, the USA and Asia. With some 500 investment specialists, the investment management team covers every important financial and growth market in the world. AGI manages assets totalling more than EUR 345 billion (as of 31/12/13).


Guido Bachmann leads the Trailer Fee Calculation Team, which was set up at the outset of the project as a purely German team and was responsible for the remuneration of European customers outside France, Italy, the UK and Spain. Following the calculo rollout, structures were more Europeanised and the team was augmented by a colleague from France.


  • Background

    Each country calculated trailer fees and disbursements in a legacy-system landscape and primarily with AGI-proprietary interfaces and various SAP instances. There was no harmonisation on the European level. This was complicated by differing compensation philosophies in the individual countries. AGI was looking for a technical solution that harmonised its processes across Europe

  • Goal

    To implement a flexible and extendable standard software solution, which automates and unifies different compensation philosophies and calculation rules across individual countries.

  • Solution

    calculo models the different locations with a single solution and easily accounts for a range of billing conditions.

Guido Bachmann is Head of Trailer Fee Calculation at Allianz Global Investors Europe GmbH. He steered the project as the business lead. Please find an extract of the interview below.

How have the individual countries been compiling trailer fees up to now?
Each country calculated trailer fees within a legacy-system landscape and primarily with AGI-proprietary interfaces with various SAP instances. AGI France, for instance, used a completely self-developed calculation tool, while AGI Germany used a ten year old Oracle-based product. There was no harmonisation at the European level. In addition, the systems were accessible only from within local networks. 

Are there differences in the calculation bases?
There are differences – first, in the compensation philosophy: France uses a invoice-based version, whereas the rest of Europe works with balance-based calculations. Second, trailer fee calculations differ depending on the country and the type of contract. For example, they can be based on volume, interest, payment frequency or portfolio data. Some sales partners require variable forms of compensation – for instance, in accordance with fee scales and levels.

How did the organisational units settle fees with each other?
By manually exchanging client portfolios and through independent calculations with two different units and tools. It involved complicated deviation analysis. They had to account for:

  • Differences in customer bases
  • Consistent use of compensation models
  • Differences in prices or exchange rates
  • Cumulation of rounding differences

Guido Bachmann Guido Bachmann

Director & Head of Sales Operations

"The outstanding contribution of Sowatec was their open and constructive, critical input about the what, the why, and the purpose of our project goals. Due to the individual requirements that had to be accounted for, the project, took on mammoth dimensions and the status and objectives had to repeatedly challenged in order to maintain a common thread."

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