Business Case: Scenario

Simulations and management projections

Use Scenario in calculo to perform management projections, calculate offers and simulate future developments. This makes decisions easier, calculations more profitable and negotiations more successful.
By changing rules and conditions and projecting possible market developments, forecasts can be created without changing master data and processes that are currently in use.


How does Scenario work?

Scenario can create a crucial advantage when making decisions – from volume pooling, to switching product or custodian, to contract modifications and offer generation.

Three practical examples:


  • How can I simulate various fee models for negotiation purposes?

    You create a sample portfolio for the prospective customer containing anticipated assets. You then run a projection applying an assumed percentage return over the desired period of time. Using this hypothetical portfolio, you can apply various fee models and run the respective calculations. If a contract is closed, you can incorporate the fee model negotiated into production, in a controlled way.

  • How would a simplified fee model affect revenue?

    Create a Scenario for all customers with managed account contracts. Within SCENARIO you can then easily exchange any fee models for managed account contracts with the new standard model and run the calculations. The numbers are then used to produce a clear comparison to actual fee revenue generated for the period in question.

  • How will the merging of two sales networks affect commission pay-outs?

    Create a Scenario with last year’s holdings of the partner group. Then combine the two sales organisations and run a full-year scenario projection for the previous year. It is then easy to compare the results with the actual pay-outs.

How can Scenario alleviate my workload?


Evaluate changes and/ or running projections on existing holdings over a period of time.

with Scenario

Volume Adjustment

Project holding for a user-defined period and apply a percentage change rate (e.g. 10% increase over the next calendar year).

without Scenario

Import of theoretical assets over the planned period. Adjustments within the system are often not be possible. As there are usually existing assets in the system for prior periods, the scenario will likely only be implementable for future periods.


Trace the impact of changes that were made as a result of a system simulation.
Incorporate selected amendments into production in a controlled manner (e.g. upon acceptance of an offer).

with Scenario

All scenario-relevant changes can be retraced in the “History”-view.
Authorised users can incorporate specific changes made in a scenario into production.

without Scenario

Changes to historic data types can typically be reviewed in a standard history report. However, there it is not possible to distinguishing between scenario- and production data.


Simulate accounts based on changed data and/ or hypothetical holdings. Analyse differences between simulation and production.

with Scenario

Compare scenarios

In calculo there is a special function that allows you to calculate all pay-outs based on Scenario-data.

The results are displayed in a separate view, making it possible to compare them directly with calculations that are currently in production.

without Scenario

After the calculation, comparisons with actual production are only possible outside the systems, because simulation and production are on different systems.

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